On Draft....La Pienture, Aureus, R2Koelschip,

Simon Girty, Cru and Haviken

On Deck.....Geestelijke and Gouden Brugge

Food Truck Line-up

Thursday, August 27th...Wok of Life

Friday, August 28th...Black Shepherd Farms

Saturday, August 29th...Tootsie Famous Italian Beef​

Thursday, September 3rd...Saucy Mamas & Book Signing w/Mark Brewer

Friday, September 4th...Black Shepherd Farms

Saturday, September 5th...Mission Mahi

Please leave your animals at home. Our policy is no animals in the Biergarten or inside the taproom.

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Here at Draai Laag [dry-law`g] we strive to create something truly different. Our creations are Belgian inspired ales concentrating on style integration. Our approach to making beer is centered on old world methods, such as complex fermentations using multiple yeast strains, long maturation periods and aging our beers on the lees. Everything we create is brewed in small artisanal batches and bottle by hand. Through a simplified process, we take great pride in creating complex flavors in a world inundated with the norm.  

Wild  by  Design

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