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    Monastic Style

    We like to cater to those that want something respectful of tradition, but ultimately different. Those who are not satisfied drinking the norm. Most importantly, we get our biggest enjoyment and fulfillment not from profit, but from your smile after the first sip.

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    Be Proud. Drink Local.

    Traditionally, all goods were made or sold locally. Butchers, bakers, farmers and even brewers, made their products for local consumption. Draai Laag is honored to call Millvale home.

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    Olde World Tradition

    We brew in small batches and use several strains of yeast to produce our beers. The drinker may notice slight nuances from batch to batch. But, you will find that all our ales are aged and, just like a fine wine, can be laid down for extended periods. This results in a unique drinking experience each time a bottle is opened.

Welcome to Draai Laag Brewing Company - Millvale's handcrafted artisanal brewery

We go through great effort to craft our beers without conforming to style or labels. This free thinking coupled with our brewing experience allows our beers to be respectful to tradition but not constrained by it. Our goal is beer that is as unique and diverse as possible.

Since we are dealing with an artisanal product, it tells us when it's ready. Currently you can find our beer at a handful of select establishments in the Pittsburgh area. If your favorite local establishment isn't on the list, mention Draai Laag to them so we can add our products to their location.

Please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and make sure to subscribe to our Twitter feed so you can keep up with the latest and greatest news. We hope you love drinking our beers as much as we love making them.

About Draai Laag

Our purpose as an artisanal brewery is to create ales with different styles and flavors. Located just across the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Draai Laag is the first brewery to call Millvale home since 1845.

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